Prepare and push SAP R/3, S/4 HANA data to another database.

For any MIS, Reporting, analysis or just a data archive

Data is required from SAP for various operational reasons which may include data for detailed analysis, build monthly reporting, multi-plant or multi-company consolidation reports and many more. Such activities take up lot of valuable time of our resources while extracting and manually correcting them.

Data Unfolder runs inside the SAP system so you can use VirtDB services right from the regular SAP user interface under your own SAP user privileges. No external ad-hoc or batch users are required to log in to your SAP system, data flow is controlled and executed by SAP services.

Whenever an SAP user views data in their regular SAP UI, a new submenu will be available to extend, narrow or otherwise modify the data set and push it to Tableau or further external tools with a few clicks. Data Unfolder runs as an ABAP add-on plus non-SAP libraries installed to the SAP Application server.

Make operational data available to business users faster, at minimal cost, without compromising existing data governance.


Simple data
access from SAP

Enables SAP users to export any part of their data to popular formats, like, CSV or Excel or directly into a database.


Truly Self-Service

Drive SAP data delivery right from your regular SAP UI, no third-party software or training required.


Mass data

Allows you to extract millions of records from SAP ERP without overloading your application server.


Real time data

Real-time SAP reporting right from the source system, combined with MyReport BE or your favorite analytical or data visualization tool.


Schedule Extracts

Schedule full or incremental SAP data loads right from the standard SAP job scheduling interface. Compliment it with inhouse built ABAP optimization program to further streamline the data transfer.


Add or Modify fields

Transfer only what you need and is relevant. The selected data sources can be modified by end-users without ABAP expertise, VirtDB enables them to create or modify existing SAP reports, add or remove fields, replace values (like from “product codes” to “descriptions”), create calculated fields, hide data and many more on a graphical UI without coding.

50+ customer

World-wide rely on VirtDB to extract data from SAP and use it to analyse
their operational and strategic data and manage their business activities.

Data Unfolder works with data sets like

Standard and custom tables and views
Standard and custom reports
SAP Queries (SQ01)
QuickViews (SQVI)

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