Simple and Rapid Data Mart builder for any Business Intelligence

With advent of ERP, CRM and other data capturing systems in to almost every business today, lot of organisations now want to reap the real benefits of this data to build timely MIS and business insights.

Also, despite having so many BI and analytical options in the market today, developing MIS and Business Insight reports remains a majorly challenging due to

Non-availability of simple and agile data transformation capability within visualization tools.
Rely of third part transformation and modelling tools which are very complicated and difficult to use.
Absence of Data-warehousing complicates report building activity with heavy reliance on the
     expertise of the visualization tool consultants.
Which makes report development time consuming and expensive.

Our solution fills the perfect gap for several BI solutions in the market like Power BI, QlikView, Tableau and other solution making your reporting, MIS and dashboarding a smooth journey.

Most important of them is MyReport BE – DATA and DATARUN is Simple to Create, Deploy and Manage the Data Mart requirement for any ERP, CRM at the source side and for any BI solution at the target side.

Data comes from various sources and its systematic filtering, cubing and summarising remains a key activity to show desired data at various levels of hierarchy.

Data is typically stored in various sources like ERP, CRM, Custom Applications, Online and Offline spreadsheets. Such data requires synchronous increment, transformation and cleaning, which consumes significant number of efforts if the tool is not in place.

Our solution helps to bridge this gap with multi-portability and system agnostic approach to build your data-warehouse with

Minimal Effort with No Coding functionality
Minimal Training with effective design assistance
Maintaining data quality with dynamic semantic layer

MyReport BE, VirtDB supports seamless data extraction, transformation and load to any SQL backends building a sustainable Datawarehouse for your visualisation tools. Some of the popular tools whom we can complement the best includes but not limited to are Power BI, Qlik View, Tableau and many more.

Recommended components to give you the best results and ROI.

SAP Add- On Scheduled Optimization of SAP tables for export. (Only for SAP run organisations)
VirtDB Scheduled Export Table, Queries, Reports to any SQL. (Only for SAP run organisations)
MyReport BE Scheduled Modelling and Transformation of Data into optimized data marts in SQL.

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