Immersive EHS training and Safety Events

Virtual Reality based Health and Safety training for your employees to train better,
keep focused and remember for a longer time.
The Edgar Dale’s cone of experience.

Dale’s Cone of Experience is a model that incorporates several theories related to instructional design and learning processes. During the 1960s, Edgar Dale theorized that learners retain more information by what they “do” as opposed to what is “heard”, “read” or “observed”. His research led to the development of the Cone of Experience. Today, this “learning by doing” has become known as “experiential learning” or “action learning”. The cone is diagramed and explained in the next sections.

Built the Future of Safety at work with onsite or remote teams in a Virtual EHS environment

Give real like experience to the employees to train better in their behavioral skills.

Employee behavior can be changed or improved only through committed actions. It is sometimes difficult to train on small skill development in a classroom training. Real time actions and the mistakes committed will help learning those skills better.

Choose from 50+ ready to use safety workshop exercises.

There are HSE exercise for several types and categories which employees and take up. The applications will also keep a score of the performer and suggest the steps he should have taken to avoid any accident.

No dependency on trainer's availability and ability.

Good training is most of the times dependent how is the trainer and how successful he / she has been in imparting it to the trainees. But we cannot guarantee consistency in such trainings which a VR experience can deliver.

Send the message fast and direct. Humans can concentrate on the training for not more than 20 minutes.

One cannot give full attention into a training for more than 20 mins. This time and further reduce making it difficult for the trainee to understand and remember. VR based training and keep the audience engaged and focused to act and learn simultaneously.

Do it as many times as one needs to do.

Practice till it's perfect. The gaming like experience in HSE training will help to keep the trainee do the exercises repeatedly till he completes the activity successfully. This will also ensure safety measures be with him for a longer period.

Check the whole list of exercises on Immersive Factory website here

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