Plug and Play Business Insights for SAP Business-One

Timely MIS and business insights has become extremely important in today's era. In a typical SAP Business –One run organisation, developing MIS and Business Insight reports remains a major challenge due to

lack of resources and insight on what to see.
Dependency on self-assumptions and experiences rather than the facts.
limited bandwidth to build and analyse reports.
extensive dependency on the support partner to develop and keep the reports updated or edited, eventually building up costs.

Our solution BE-ONE is a ready to use 40 + (and adding) reports and dashboard making your reporting, MIS and dashboarding a very smooth journey.

Availability of Data no longer needs advocating and knowing it on time is very need of the hour.

Letting people know the right numbers at the right time and in the right format is extremely essential to run and plan operations. Our solution BE-ONE can help you to get your MIS, Business Insights up and running in no time.

Out of our experience with our past customers we have identified 40+ reports and Insights which can help to monitor your business from anywhere. This number of reports is increasing every time we release a new version which is made available to all our customers.

Plug and play 40 + Reports and Insights.
Get new reports when released in our next version.
Ensure immediate return on investment with Value in form of Business Insights.
Get custom reports created at affordable cost.

Fetch real-time data from SAP Business one and convert into meaningful business Insight on a button click.

Recommended components to give you the best results and ROI.

MyReport BE-One Scheduled Modelling and Transformation of Data into optimized data marts in SQL. View Reports, KPI’s and Dashboards on Mobile and Tablets.
MyReport Additional excel components. Build and View Reports and Dashboards in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, O365

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