Dynamic Information and KPI Display Screens

Provide at-a-glance critical business information.

Create automatically updating information and KPI dashboards that display the latest information, keeping your management teams and employees informed on the production or warehouse floors, Lobbies and department offices making your organizations Industry 4.0 ready.


No code screen design

Design your layouts and source information in Microsoft PowerPoint with no dependency on developer or technical experts. Create your Information or KPI dashboard template once and automatically populate it at any time with the most current data.


Increase Employee Engagement

Show real-time data to allow employees to adapt plans, make changes and correct errors based on the latest key performance information or just track progress towards output goals.


Easy to deploy on and monitor remote terminals

Centrally control and monitor the remote screens displaying dynamic information screens.


Include relevant local information

Incorporate local weather, time and news into your Dashboard displays.

Make Real-time Data Your Power

Auto refresh data as many times as you want from 25+ sources. When coupled with MyReport BE and Cdata the source connections are almost countless.

Industry popular Sources

ERPs and CRM

Most of the reports and key performance indicators are required to be shown from various ERPs and CRMs like SAP, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics (NAV), NetSuite, Oracle ERP, Salesforce and many others. All these ERPs run various backends like SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2 etc. Connect to all the backends directly in PowerPoint.

Manufacturing control devices

OPC stands for Open Platform Communications, this is a series of standards for industrial communications. These are used for communication of real-time data between automation control devices from different manufacturers. Common in the manufacturing industry and in what is commonly called Industry 4.0. Our Industrial Edition has been built to handle OPC Data as well.

News RSS feeds

RSS is a type of web feed that allows users to access updates to web sites, news, etc. using a standard readable format. Our PowerPoint add-on lets you display live, real-time updating RSS feeds in PowerPoint. This is used by many facilities to show up to date news and weather on computer monitors and screens.

SharePoint Applications

Microsoft SharePoint is an intranet set up for teams to let them share and manage content, knowledge, and applications organization-wide. It helps enable collaboration among team members. Our DataPoint software lets you connect your PowerPoint presentations to your SharePoint data.

Social Media

Get real-time updates from social media to keep your teams motivated. Some the popular social media platforms for real time updates inside PowerPoint include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Analytics.

Flat Files

The most common source of data for many organizations incudes flat files. Some of the commonly used file formats include JSON, Excel, Text, XML. Other cloud file like google sheet or O365 can also be sourced.


Some of the databases where you cannot directly connect to can be sourced using API connectivity interfaces like OData, ODBC and OLE DB.

Dynamic Information and KPI Display Screens

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