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Simplify connectivity, cut data silos, and break down barriers to better integration and insights.

Why Data Connectivity Matters - And How CData is Different

Whether you are analyzing data to deliver insights, or using data to power integration processes, connectivity is a critical first step - yet data fragmentation (NoSQL, Cloud Applications) are mere table stakes in your data-driven journey.
CData deliver solutions that effortlessly support real-time connectivity to all of your data and make it easily accessible to all or your modern and legacy applications wherever they live-on-premises, or in the cloud.
Fast and real-time value for data integration, analytics, and management.

Data Connectivity

Connect Any Application with Any Data Source

Our world-class collectivity solutions center around a straightforward approach to integration, with easy-to-use, data providers, drivers, and tools available from any technology capable of interacting with major database standards. Our Connectors create a common database abstraction on top of different data sources to standardize how applications connect with data.

All of your data, from Any
Application, in Real-Time
Connect BI, Analytics, ETL, and Reporting to live data from
more than 200 applications, databases, and Web APIs.

Real time and plug n play Power BI and Tableau Connector

The easiest way to connect Power BI and Tableau with real-time data from any application, database, or data warehouse, anywhere.

Data Sync

Replicate Any Data Source to Any Database With A Few Clicks

Create and maintain a replica of your SaaS/Cloud data, making it easily accessible from common database tooling, software drivers, and analytics.

Cloud/SaaS Data Pipeline
Any data source, to any database or data warehouse

From: 200+ Enterprise Data Sources
To: SQL Server, Redshift, S3, Snowflake, etc.
On-Premise, or in the Cloud.

CData ArcESB

Rapid End-to-End Integration

Synchronize data across applications, effortlessly integrate with partners, or make data publicly accessible.

No-Code Drag & Drop Application and Data Integration
Visual, simple, fast, and secure application and data integration. Open architecture, enterprise-ready, without enterprise complexity.

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