All-in-One MIS and Business Insight Solution

Make sense of your data, make better decisions.

Learn how MyReport BE can help your company turn your data into crucial information for the operations, management, and growth of your business MyReport BE offers all the tool necessary to centralise, analyse and share data to all in the organisation and take better decisions.

Make sense of your data, make better decisions.

Centralise the data from various data sources to get a unified and up-to-date overview.

Collect data directly from your ERP, CRM, Other sources, or Flat Files including O365 to exploit reliable and up to date information.

Turn your data into relevant and actionable information.

Model and transform your data to find trends and opportunities, track operational activities and conduct advance analysis to analyse health and performance of your business.

Create your MIS, Operational Excellence, Dashboards and KPI’s without using IT teams

Enable the business user autonomy to build reports and gain productivity with easy-to-use and self-service tools.

Disseminate your MIS and analysis to ease collaboration.

Automate broadcast of reports to business users to keep updated and collaborate more effectively that can help decision process.

Reports for all in the organisation

Access to data and information is everybody’s business. Have an automated reporting tool access to operational users to managers to department heads to CxO’s.

Become a data-driven company and improve decision making process at all hierarchies.

Adopt the power of business intelligence integrated into Microsoft Office

MyReport is a complete BI solution for collecting,
analysing and sharing your data in a secure environment.

Work with reliable, centralised, and unified data
Centralise all your data.

MyReport is accompanied by a wide range of connectors to collect your data in real time, directly at the source: ERP (SAP, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics (NAV), NetSuite, Oracle ERP), accounting software, CRM, Flat Files...

Whether hosted in the cloud or on-premises, your employees work on data that is always up to date and centralised in a single repository warehouse.

Build your MIS, Reports, KPI's and dashboards
Explore and analyse your data without technical competence.

Perform your own analyses quickly, easily, and autonomously.

MyReport allows business departments to design their own advanced analysis, reporting and custom dashboards with simple drag and drop. The return and exploitation of information is carried out in Microsoft Office or on the web, to ease the appropriation of the solution to your company.

Share indicators and key data with your teams.
Share your analyses with data visualization.

MyReport makes it easier to flow information within your company to allow managers to distribute and share dashboards automatically or on demand, securely.

Setting up alerts allows you to warn your managers of the achievement of specific goals or events on critical indicators.

Accessible on the web as well, your data and dashboards are available whenever you need them, on any device.

Master your data governance strategy.
Ensure the security of your decision-making system.

Perform your own analyses quickly, easily, and autonomously.

With MyReport BE, company data administrators have a powerful administration console to define each user's rights to the data and its uses. MyReport's n-tier architecture and scalability allow you to perfect resources according to your needs. Be always alerted about availability, data quality and processing.

Rely on MyReport to analyse their operational and strategic data
and manage their business activity and business.

Discover hidden insights in your data with MyReport
10,000 +

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