Your Virtual Campus dedicated to Trainings, Meetings, Seminars and Events

Virtual and Immersive platform to ensure complete focus on your campus activities
like Trainings, Meetings, Seminars including office safety trainings, quiz and more.

Engage 100% with your colleagues!

Training Rooms

Trainings employees has become a very essential part of employee development and their deploy ability. It is not possible to travel for such trainings, but at the same time it's equally essential to maintain the sense of togetherness for better focus and learnings for the audience.

E-Campus training rooms allows you to be completely immersed in your training which can guarantee better focus, better learning and greater level of satisfaction.

Meeting Rooms

Private meetings face to face or Virtual is a very common practice in organizations. Sometime this may require travelling or room booking activities to precede. Do your meetings in a complete virtual yet immersive environment with no unwanted backgrounds and in a very formal meeting setup.


Gathering large audience on a very short notice without any preparations is so easy. The audience can socialize and pre and post event just like they would be doing it in real life. The real and immersive amphitheater experience. Also, you can do a quick poll just with a button click.


Want your employees to check out some operational, safety videos. Let them do it in a theatre like experience with complete history of how many employees have taken the video session.

Safety PC Based training

Safety at offices is as important as safety in operational areas. Employees can take up safety trainings tutorials or any quiz to keep oneself updated.

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