Business Intelligence

"...I personally appreciate the thinking and development skills behind these most powerful and successful MIS tools...."
- Sameer Kate

Business Intelligence
"...I would not hesitate to recommend both the product as well as the company..."
- Michael Broudy

john energy logo "....We wanted easiness, flexibility and power at a comfortable price. MyReport had a good match......"
- Mr. Piyush Thakkar

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Business Intelligence
  • ETL optimization
  • Hide And Display indcators on Viewer
  • Speedometer in EXCEL
  • Some key enhancement
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Sql Server Business Intelligence


Welcome to Quick Report

"MyReport - BI for everyone"

The data of a company is the true capital. If exploited well, it facilitates decision making, provided, that the recovery and processing of data does not become a puzzle.

The goal of MyReport BI solution:
"A BI solution, voluntarily accessible to all user profiles, which combines simplicity, reliability and ease of use."

MyReport BI solution utilises the power of spreadsheet (MS Excel or Open Office Calc) to present dashboards and steers you free of technical constraints.

MyReport BI Solution is embedded in this tool of choice to provide
1. Familiar environment
2. Ease of use
3. Saves time on training

Ultimately leading to extremely quick adoption by users.

But that's not all! MyReport Builder provides a simple ergonomic interface and MyReport Data
(connect to data sources) is intended for technical users to connect to multiple industry standard
data sources

Modules of the suite MyReport
  Sql Server Business Intelligence         datarun         builder         page
  viewer         center         messenger        
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