Efficient Human Resources Management constantly requires complete, up-to-the-minute information on employees at the enterprise. Human Resources (HR) component contains all relevant employee data. With its multitude of reporting and analysis options, HR helps you process data quickly. This provides you with the information you require, and supports your decision-making processes.

MyReport HR module helps you to meet your daily work responsibilities with such ease. Map your Enrollments better through MyReport standard HR modules. Break them down gender wise, age wise, management tier wise, geography wise, Permanent or temporary. Gauge the training needs of your organization department wise, location wise or management cadre wise. MyReport helps you Put a check on your expenses, vertical wise, plant wise, location wise, category wise. It also helps you with customized leave management and pay roll modules.

You can measure other critical areas of reporting viz; current assessment of the individual’s potential by senior leadership, employee opinion surveys, cognitive ability assessment, succession planning, individual talent health, strengths and weaknesses across the organization etc. You name it and we design it for you !

Human resource


Whether you are a Sales Director or Director of Customer Relations, your function needs to track your activity or business performance in real time, simply and without relying on IT.

Your Aim:

  • Spend a minimum of time and energy in your reporting,
  • Get when you want the synthesis of activity monitoring of your business,
  • Bring your activity report to your leader even before he asks.
  • Every business owner must ask the basic question - Where is my business heading? Are we doing well? Where are we now? To answer these questions, you can Create your own business dashboards and view your business situation with ease. Dissect your sales figures and carry out a micro- level analysis of your business needs. Whether you need to Invest more in Marketing activities or down size sales force, decision making becomes easy with this marketing module.

With MyReport, you are directly connected to your ERP, CRM, or any data source (Oracle, SAP, MySQL, PostGre, .csv files ...) and establish a unique link between your reporting and data. Integrated Excel®, MyReport allows you to be independent in creating and updating your activity monitoring tables!



Improve the effectiveness of your Supply chain management, by monitoring every step of your business cycle. From the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Invest in MyReport.

Organizations increasingly find that they must rely on effective supply chains, or networks, to compete in the global market and networked economy.

It is important to know your customers, understand the market, analyse market trends, business forecasts and take calculated risks.

With MyReport, you are directly connected to your ERP, CRM, and database of your suppliers, wholesalers and retailers which helps to establish a unique link between two data streams.

You can save significantly by measuring your wastages, cutting down on unnecessary expenses, and effecting better channel management. All this with a click of a button.

The key to a successful business is in low inventory. Manage your inventory effectively with Correct Data on raw materials and better business forecasts.

MyReport helps you in managing your current transport costs, warehousing costs, materials management, shipping costs.

MyReport gives you concise reporting to understand your business better. You can Change your entire business model and achieve higher profitability if you have an effective supply chain management in place.


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