Take decisions based on real time data, Manage resources, quality expectations, and profit and loss for particular unit.

MyReport proves to be an effective reporting tool for managing all kinds of manufacturing processes. Depending on how you structure your output, our BI tool is useful for reporting in any area of work; Manufacturing Flow, Shop-Floor Activities, Operator Efficiency, Machine Efficiency, Scrap Generation, Life Cycle Management and all functional areas of Manufacturing.

MyReport is also beneficial for efficient analysis of manufacturing costs like direct and indirect material, direct and indirect labor, factory overheads and SG&A (selling, general and administrative) costs. Since there is a role-based segregation, people from all departments can participate in reporting however with limitations based on the function they perform. Process wise analysis of manufacturing tasks can be done using our BI tool for example cutting, bending, moulding, shaping, melting can all be analyzed separately.



MyReport helps to get accuracy of data where it matters the most. Its all about the number game. Decisions based on the numbers in financial analytics has a lasting impact on businesses.

Pulling huge amount of data from different business lines is easy with this tool. Reporting from historical data with different banking KPI's is possible easily. Accounts receivables, loan and EMI management, automatic update of reports and auto dispatch of reports on an hourly / daily/ weekly basis… all possible with Myreport expertise.

Balance sheets / Profit and Loss are crucial areas of work. Companies across all sectors need a trustworthy tool to deal with their figures. MyReport has supported a huge number of users in Financial sector (77% of our global customers are from Finance field) to ease their reporting troubles.

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  •  MyReport Business Intelligence Suite is the most trustworthy tool that can take care of the data available at retail outlets, malls, etc. with a high level of accuracy. MyReport can handle end number of stock keeping units.
  • My report analyzes consumer buying patterns based on seasons, geographic locations, age groups, availability of new substitutes which is extremely beneficial for analyzing among Indian economic groups as well as across foreign players. It helps in taking accurate decisions based on thorough market analysis thus drawing a veracious picture of the market.
  • Customer management, profit and loss, inventory management, logistics and supply chain management, all rely on Myreport for their daily reporting. Data from Multiple retail outlets across multiple locations is consolidated on a daily basis with ease and precision
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Integrate data from different sources and analyze it from different perspectives. Make decisions easily from anywhere at anytime. Myreport Can consolidate data from multiple data sources from multiple servers hosted in multiple plants across all locations. Easily analyse data from different dimensions (No. of. In-patients , out-patients, history of in-patients, doctors details, expertise areas, department details (like surgery ward, gynaecology, Oncology, physiotherapy etc), patients details... , as a whole of the entire organisation.

Perspectives on inventory management across all departments, hospital management, staff management, accounting, etc. at just a click of a button.


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