The important question to be asked here is, "Why ERP with MIS?!" The answer is very simple.

If your ERP system does not have integrated MIS, not only are you losing valuable business opportunities, but you're also risking the effectiveness of your ERP cycle! ERP with MIS cuts down major IT costs and they add tremondous efficiency to your business endeavors! So without MIS, you're falling short by offering just an ERP system. Like Guns without bullets!

The very necessity of ERP comes down to collecting and storing data within/during transactions. Although, what happens when you have the required data? What do you do once it's stored in your data warehouse?!

Many organizations indulge in manually pulling or extracting data. How frustrating! Another risk in manual manipulation of data is that with multiple users pulling and manipulating data personally, it's simply impossible to get a smooth and consitent view from across the company/organization.

This is where the MIS excellence comes to play. Instead of manually pulling data from our warehouses (and risking errors, manipulation and mistakes!) our MIS tools help you with the consolidation without risking the most important thing: your data! Operational Excellence at it's finest! Quick Report's tools are highly adoptive, so the returns in your business investment are going to be great as well!

Also, MIS and BI greatly accelerates your ERP sales! Those companies combining ERP and a Business Intelligence platform to build a stronger offering have become key competitors in the market. Oracle, SAP, and IBM all market ERP and BI/MIS together. And those who don't are being left behind. Simply said, MIS sells ERPs so much efficiently, and in a world moving lightening fast, you need your ERP to be fuelled by BI or MIS!

We, at Quick Report, are extremely proud to announce that we have partnered and work with Navision/ Dynamics, SAP, ORACLE LABS, SAP BI and several others!

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