Training easy learning

Our goal is to provide and enhance the required knowledge and skills to empower maximum number of users to build their own reports.

We have a team of talented and experienced professionals to cater to reporting and BI training needs of our customers and partners. We offer qualitative onsite and offshore trainings which will enable the users to independently generate their own reports. Systematic and organised approach with detailed training manuals for all the product modules will make the entire report generation process easy and agile. Our training sessions will entitle the business users to improve performance and become more effective in reporting, analytics and decision making. Along with technical we also offer sales training to the partner community which will augment the selling skills and techniques and make selling enjoyable and comfortable.

Feel free to connect with us for any further information on trainings.

Product Support any time any where

Service is our religion ! Welcome to Quick Services !

Our trained professionals provide off shore support to give you quick assistance no matter where you are. When you need to understand a particular feature, or have encountered a technical issue, or have an issue with your Integration, updates, etc. this is where you can find the answers and get help. You can call on our hotline for tech support click here
For installation related assistance, or implementation services, our tech team offers ONsite support by visiting your office premises or plant to cater to your needs. Our support services range from basic tool usage guidelines to Bug fixes, application related modalities, to basic database functionalities. Our technical experts are here to help you.

Consulting Services 

The answer is very simple. We offer you on point Reporting solutions with the added benefits of visualization and minimum manual consolidation! Everything is compact, MyReport makes your working process silk smooth with a dedicated and integrated Excel as well as Web based UI! Your business strategies and decision making abilities now have fool proof guidance, you can adapt to your data no matter how rapidly it changes!

When we talk about a compact MIS tool, here’s what we mean:

  1. Attractive and customizable Dashboards
  2. Source, Target and Query Data in the same zone
  3. Versatile Report distribution formats (Excel, PDF, Excel without data etc.)
  4. Alerts via MyReport Messenger
  5. Simplified ETL Process and the ability to make your Data Warehouse into Source data

MyReport’s versatility isn’t just constricted to technical aspects. The actual handling or working process of MyReport is unbelievably simple! You need not dedicate special training hours or a specific skill set, MyReport is built to be handled by the most novice user!

MyReport is operational on almost every Industry Vertical. This is its powered specialty. Absolutely zero platform or industry genre restrictions, MyReport adapts itself to almost every kind of data. You will experience zero data leakage, this helps to move ahead with an affirmed mind state. MyReport helps you to take the leap of faith with the most volatile business decisions!

To be a data driven organization, you need MIS solutions which can adapt to your progress. You will need your data from multiple sources to be linked in a way which is easily accessible. You must visualize to plan ahead, your organization evolves when the data is self-sufficient! MyReport is that seed of change which helps you to understand the capabilities of your data. Let MyReport become an integral part of your working system, we assure you that this is what you need for your organization to become a data powerhouse!

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