MyReport provides with a unique feature to pull data from any back ends, ERP’s, transactional systems. Such data can be easily transformed in GSTN compliant formats. These formats can be easily pulled by our partnered ASP/GSP Service Provider to further process your returns and reconciliation.

How Does It Work?

MyReport Data will help to connect to any back end or ERP’s like SAP (Through CDATA), Oracle Apps, Navision, Axapta, QuickBooks, Epicor, Orion, Tally etc. or any another custom ERP. The table and fields can be appropriately modelled to populate the data warehouse with GST required field and non-GST compliant fields as well for additional reporting.

MyReport Datarun will help to extract the desired information on a set frequency and store it into the Data warehouse. The frequencies of such ETL can be easily scheduled based on your requirement and load to upload the documents to GSTN Portal.

MyReport Messenger can automatically convert the data into required upload ready formats in xls or csv and dispatch it to FTP folder from where the ASP/GSP Service Provider will pick up the file and upload to ASP application which can be on premise or on cloud.

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