QUICK REPORT| 100% Subsidiary of Report One, France

Data utility, this is what we staunchly believe in. Quick Report is a venture created with the simple hope that you get to maximize the efficiency of your data while working on it from within your comfort zone. Brainchild of Report One, Quick Report specializes in products which are user friendly and split second responsive. No matter the quantitative or sensitive nature of your data, Quick Report will help you to skim through it quite easily, all while saving your time and efforts! Interpret, Improvise and Implement, you hold the complete authority over your data, Quick Report just ensures that the accuracy remains intact. With assuring statistics to speak of our success, we guarantee you that Quick Report will help you to grow while growing alongside you.


"In the era of industries focusing on cost cutting and return on investment, decision making needs to be really fast with the use of Business Intelligence and Analytic tools. Thus, the management of Quickreport are glad to share the MyReport suite of tools which are really affordable, gives quick ROI and helps the management to make the right and fast decisions by analyzing organizational data spread across systems and applications."



Quick Report has been operating in India since 2010 with a definite philosophy of ‘BEING SIMPLE’. Since then, we are into operations of marketing and implementation activities for our state of the art MIS and reporting software, ‘MyReport’. We foresee a focused journey where we will diversify only to deliver ‘Simple and Affordable’ value in the areas of Data warehousing, Mining, Decision Intelligence and MIS space. Today, we boast of a strong workforce consisting of 200 people; Direct and Partner ecosystem put together, with a predicted per year growth of almost 50 people.

In this era of technology; IT and heavy softwares, our target is to bring out the “Value out of a Brand” by delivering simple, sustainable and affordable data solutions which will make us a pivotal and central product supplier choice in MIS and Reporting Vertical.


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